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Services Provided

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Structural Engineering

We are experts in designing all types of structures and materials for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our team of experienced structural engineers is committed to providing creative and cost-effective solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We are dedicated to providing our clients with an exceptional experience from start to finish.

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Building Rehabilitation & Stabilization

We offer comprehensive solutions for the structural repair and rehabilitation of existing historic structures.  We have extensive experience rehabilitating historic structures and archaic structural systems.  Our team has a passion for historic buildings and are committed to preserving these buildings for years to come.

Steel Framing

Delegated Design Services

In today’s design environment, many structural engineers require the contractor to provide design of specific building components.  We specialize in providing these delegated design services, working directly with contractors, detailers, and fabricators to provide efficient and economical designs.  We will work with our clients to ensure our designs align with the clients processes and preferences.  We provide delegated design services for:

  • Structural Steel Connections

  • Steel Stairs

  • Steel Guardrails

  • Aluminum Guardrails

  • Cold Formed Metal Framing


Connection Design

Often building engineers will chose not to design connections for their buildings, and instead delegate that design to the buildings fabricator.  Advantage has been providing connection design services for fabricators and detailers since we were founded.  We are experts in all types of conventional steel connection design such as bracing, moment connections, truss connections, and shear connections.  We are extremely knowledgeable in the review of SDS/2 design calculations.  We pride ourselves on providing these services at the speed demanded by today’s construction industry and will provide designs that align with our clients connection preferences.


Construction Engineering

We provide specialized structural design services that are often needed during the construction of a project.  We provide design and observations for the following construction engineering services:

  • Concrete Forming

  • Concrete Re-shoring

  • Erection Engineering

  • Shoring Design

  • Foundation Underpinning

  • Scaffolding Design

  • Buckhoist and Mast Climber Design

  • Roof Davit and Fall Protection

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