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Three Rivers PK-12 School

Architect: Elevar Design Group

Location: Cleves, OH.

Description: Construction featured steel, joists, and CMU walls. Some areas used full steel framing. Cold-formed framing for exterior walls and gymnasium roof monitors. They handled structural design, documents, and construction admin.


Ft. Wright Elementary

Architect: PCA Architecture

Location: Ft. Wright, KY.

Description: This project involved renovating and expanding an elementary school in Ft. Wright, Kentucky, with structural challenges and innovative solutions, transforming the existing structure.


NKU Mets Center

Architect: PCA Architecture

Location: Boone County, KY.

Description: This single-story educational and conference center showcases distinctive architectural design. Its structure employs steel bar joists, beams, and steel columns within exterior walls, all atop shallow spread footings.


Riverview East Academy

Architect: Elevar Design Group

Location: Cincinnati, OH.

Description:This two-story school, built on a concrete and steel frame, rises above the Ohio River's flood plain. Notably, it features exposed steel framing and diagonal X-bracing for structural uniqueness.


Summerside Elementary and Willowville Elementary

Architect: Elevar Design Group

Location: Cincinnati, OH.

Description: Concurrently designed and built, these two 83,000 sq ft elementary schools in West Clermont feature nearly identical, mirror-image two-story structures with CMU walls and steel-framed floors and roofs.

Willowville Elementary - 1.JPEG

West Clermont High School

Architect: Elevar Design Group

Location: Cincinnati, OH.

Description: The merger of Glen Este and Amelia High Schools into West Clermont High School created a 378,000 sq ft facility, featuring CMU bearing walls, steel framing, and precast elements.


Dixie Heights High School

Architect: PCA Architecture

Location: Edgewood, OH.

Description: This high school expansion featured new classrooms, restrooms, a multimedia center, and sports facilities, incorporating durable structural steel and masonry walls, enhancing the school's infrastructure.


Lebanon High School

Architect: Elevar Design Group

Location: Lebanon, OH.

Description: This advanced Lebanon High School facility integrates structural elements, including load-bearing masonry walls, precast concrete planks, and steel bar joists, ensuring stability and functionality.

Lebanon HS.jpg

North College Hill Middle and High School

Architect: Elevar Design Group

Location: Cincinnati, OH.

Description: We supplied structural engineering for a new middle and high school building, ingeniously integrating an existing gymnasium and auditorium. This extensive structure spans approximately 198,000 sq ft across multiple levels.

N College Hill.jpg

Scott High School

Architect: PCA Architecture

Location: Taylor Mill, KY.

Description: Over a decade, Scott High School's phased renovation included concrete and steel elements, introducing ICF walls, masonry units, steel framing, and remarkable 120-ft steel trusses for the natatorium's roof structure.


Turkey Foot Middle School

Architect: PCA Architecture

Location: Edgewood, KY.

Description: Turkey Foot Middle School, a 139,000 sq ft Green Sustainable Design Project, boasts a student-managed vegetated roof and utilizes Structural Revit for construction documents, emphasizing structural aspects.


Mariemont Junior and Elementary High School

Architect: Elevar Design Group

Location: Mariemont, OH.

Description: Structural design of a new 49,500 sqf multi-story elementary school addition and renovation to the school’s existing structure + design of a new 56,000sf two-story school facility

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