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Crossroads East Side

Architect: Champlin Architecture

Location: Cincinnati, OH.

Description: Renovation and expansion of a single-story retail space into a Crossroads Church campus featured steel framing, concrete masonry unit walls, and a steel-framed Gathering space with a mezzanine supported by outrigger trusses.


Tree Of Life Church

Architect: Champlin Architecture

Location: Cincinnati, OH.

Description: Expanding the Tree of Life Church campus, a single-story addition introduced a Worship Center, seating over 800, supported by a steel frame and encased in precast concrete walls.


Faith Presbyterian Church

Architect: A359 Partners in Architecture

Location: Cincinnati, OH.

Description: This project involved a single-story addition with a basement to the existing Faith Presbyterian campus.  The addition included a new Fellowship Hall along with a Nursery, Classrooms, and Multipurpose Room.  The first-floor framing over the basement was steel-framed with a concrete slab on deck.  The upper walls and roof framing were primarily wood-framed.


Crossroads Uptown (Old St. George)

Architect: Platte Architects

Location: Cincinnati, OH.

Description: Full renovation of an existing church building that included the installation of new steeples atop the bell towers after the original steeple structures burned.

Crossroads (old St George steeple).jpg

Hope Church

Architect: C&C Architects

Location: Mason, OH.

Description: The Gathering Room Addition at Hope Church features 700 fixed seats, supported by steel trusses spanning 70+ feet, complemented by exposed glulam trusses and mono-slope wood trusses.


Matthew 25: Ministries Chapel

Architect: Phoenix Architecture

Location: Blue Ash, OH.

Description: A 4,000 sqf worship facility with high gable roof trusses, hot-rolled steel structure, flood-resistant concrete foundation, and heating/cooling units beneath the flooring in a small basement area.


Rivers Crossing Community Church

Architect: Champlin Architecture

Location: Cincinnati, OH.

Description: Rivers Crossing Community Church is located directly adjacent to Kings Island.  This project involved a new two-story volume steel-framed entry for greater visibility from Kings Island Drive.   On the interior, a new mezzanine in the lobby was constructed that links the two halves of the existing second floor layout.


Cincinnati Chinese Church

Architect: Tilsley Architects

Location: Mason, OH.

Description: This project involved a 17,000 sq ft addition to an existing building.  The addition is a pre-engineered metal building on shallow concrete foundations with masonry exterior walls and cold formed metal interior bearing walls supporting a cold formed metal joist mezzanine.  The renovation incorporated the addition of a new CMU firewall.  

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